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      "You tend to your own business and I'll tend to mine. Go away from here, and don't say anything to make him madder, you wasp-waisted errand boy," said Si savagely, as he thrust himself in between the Aid and Shorty. "I've got enough to do to take care of him. Go off, if you don't want him to mash you."Marvor opened his mouth wide, wider, until Cadnan saw the flash of his many teeth, and a second passed in silence. Then Marvor snapped his jaws shut, hissing, and spoke. "The masters tell us what to do. They make our life for us."

      "Take arms," commanded Si. "Forward!March!"

      "Sarjint Klegg and Corpril Elliott," answered Harry."What is it?" she asked. "What happens?"

      He came over to the bed and looked down on her. Her eyes were haunting ... and the vestiges of youth about her face. But he no longer pitied or spared. Boarzell had taught him his first lessonthat only the hard shall triumph in the hard fight, and that he who would spare his brother shall do no better than he who would spare himself.

      "I'm sorry," Norma said. "All right. You couldn't have known"


      The weeks wore on and it dawned on him that he must pull himself together for a fresh campaign. He must have more warriorshe could not fight Boarzell with only traitors and hirelings. He must marry again.


      "I can't foller you," said Reuben gruffly.


      There are no two such things for sharpening human wits as fullness of love and shortness of cash. Robert's brain was essentially placid and lumbering, but under this double spur it began to work wonders. After much pondering he thought of a plan. It was part of his duties to snare rabbits on Boarzell. Every evening he went round and inspected the traps, killed any little squealing prisoners that were in them, and sold them on market days at Rye. It was after all an easy thing to report and hand over the money for ten rabbits a[Pg 149] week, while keeping the price of, say, three more, and any other man would have thought of it sooner.