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      Yes, said Lord Trafford, very gravely. I have proposed to Miss Chetwynde.

      Trafford did not show you the ruins of the old priory, or the lake, he said. I cant think how he forgot those! Will you come for a drive this afternoon with me and see them? There is a pony-phaeton low enough for me to climb into.It was no good to me. It has never been any good. All the things I have bought with it I never cared for. I hate itI hate it now! It is the cause of allof all my misery. I was happy at Three Star. Then the longing of her heart broke from her in a despairing cry. Oh, my God! why did I ever leave it?

      But this: "Connie thinks he 'inclines' to me. Ho! all he's ever said has been for his far-away friend. I wish he would incline, or else go ten times as far away! Only not to the war--God forbid! Ah, me, how I long for his inclining! And while I long he laughs, and the more he laughs the more I long, for I never, never so doted on any one's laugh. Oh, shame! to love before--"I am so glad we have met, Miss Chetwynde, she said; for in addition to the gratitude which I owe you, I feel that we shall be great friendsthat is, if you care for my friendship.

      Then allow me to inform you that you are no friend of mine, Lord Druce! said Varley, with a tightening of his lips; and I should advise you to go back to England.

      He felt that he would be wise to remain the night there, but the place depressed him, and it seemed to him that he could know no rest until he had found Norman and Esmeralda. He lay, with his head upon his hand, watching the horse and still[318] feeling half stupefied, when suddenly he knew that something alive was approaching him. It was dusk now, it would soon be dark. He peered into the shadow of the bush from whence the sound came, and his hand sought his revolver. A moment or two later a tall, well-built figure emerged from the bush and approached the hut, a horse followed at a little distance with drooping head, as if too weary for anything save following in his masters footsteps.


      "No," laughed Kincaid, "there's no call for you to be so sticky as all that." The horsemen mounted.


      She obeyed. She felt her heart beating under his handnot feebly, but with a strong, tumultuous pulse.


      Certainlycertainly! said Lord Selvaine, answering for Trafford, who looked sadly at the carpet.He didnt seem very delighted sometimes, said Esmeralda in her downright fashion.