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      Are you old? said Esmeralda, with her appalling candor. I shouldnt have thought you were.Was it true that Esmeralda was at Deepdale? If so, Trafford had seen her, had become reconciled, perhaps.

      I knowI know! he said."Why, no, Connie, he--he couldn't very well. It--it would have been almost indelicate, wouldn't it? But he's gone now to tell her."

      A voice just beyond the green-veiled fence cast a light on this reply and brought a flush to the Creole's very brows. "Alas! Greenleaf," it cried, "we search in vain! He is not here! We are even more alone than we seem! Ah! where is that peerless chevalier, my beloved, accomplished, blameless, sagacious, just, valiant and amiable uncle? Come let us press on. Let not the fair sex find him first and snatch him from us forever!"Lord Selvaines good offices did not stop at this. He went down to Belfayre and undertook the management of the estate, and any doubts which the curious and suspicious might have entertained were dispelled by his suave and perfectly easeful and contented manner. He did not trouble Trafford with any letters, and he ran the show as long as he was able. But there came a time when he could do without Traffords presence no longer. Then he wrote his single-line but significant missive, and shortly afterward came into the breakfast-room to Lilias with a cablegram in his hand.

      But he asked no questions until Esmeralda had eaten and drunk, and was leaning back in the chair with her hands folded in her lap.Trafford frowned impatiently.

      Esmeralda thought of The Rosebuds eulogies, and said, absently:

      No; she has only recently come under her care.


      Certainly not, my lady, he said. We will put it down. If at any time your ladyship should want anything, we shall be happy to send one of our young men down to Deepdale."I suppose," mused Hilary, "that's what makes it all the harder to let go. If a girl has a soul so petty that she can sit and hear you through to the last word your heart can bleed, you can turn away from her with some comfort of resentment, as if you still had a remnant of your own stature."


      I do wish it, he said, gravely. There should be no secret concealments between us, dearest.