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      Nothing, said Lady Wyndover, with a feminine little frown at her. Esmeralda felt rather faintthat is all. It has passed over now, and she is quite ready. Are you not, dearest?Nothin this mail, he said, as if it were rather satisfactory than otherwise. Of course not. Taint to be supposed that Ralda aint got nothing else to do than to sit on a cheer writing letters to Three Star, as if she were a blamed clerk in a store, is it?

      Why should they take herEsmeralda? asked Norman, still in the same awe-struck whisper.

      Norman stared at her breathlessly, then laughed ruefully.

      The face opposite him was that of a girl, the voice that of a woman struggling with pain and misery. He started and dropped her hand, and the color flew to his face, then left it, and left it paler than before.But you must forgive me for singing his praises so wildly, said Lilias, with sweet humility. And it must be unnecessary; for you know him.

      This was evidently the signal for the Dogs Ear attack; for, as the metal of the horses shoes rang upon the timber, there was a rush from the Gulch beneath, and a body of horsemen surrounded the coach, while one man, mounted on an appropriately black horse, rode up alongside the coachman and covered him.


      "Yes," laughed Hilary, "she's quiet; quiet as a fortification by moonlight! Poor Fred! I wish--"Persuade him to come down quickly, gentlemen, said the leader of the gang. We dont want any fire-works, butwe mean business. Its our show, you see, and its no use making a fuss.


      She could hear every word, for the door was slightly ajar; by moving a little she could have looked in upon the two; but she was powerless to move; powerless to do anything but stand and listen with horror and a gradual, slowly growing sense of calamity and utter misery.Then pay him! said Esmeralda. Get the horse!


      Calumny had taken two forms: the monstrous black smoke of a vulgar version and the superior divinings of the socially elect; a fine, hidden flame fed from the smoke. According to the vulgate the three ladies, incensed at a perfectly lawful effort to use their horses for the Confederate evacuation and actually defying it with cocked revolver, had openly abjured Dixie, renounced all purpose to fly to it and, denying shelter to their own wounded, had with signal flags themselves guided the conquering fleet past the town's inmost defenses until compelled to desist by a Confederate shell in their roof. Unable to face an odium so well earned they had clung to their hiding, glad of the blue camp in their grove, living fatly on the bazaar's proceeds, and having high times with such noted staff-officers as Major Greenleaf, their kindness to whom in the days of his modest lieutenancy and first flight and of his later parole and exchange, was not so hard now to see through.