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      Capt. McGillicuddy stepped over to the right of the line stopped in front of Harry Joslyn and Gid Mackall. Shorty full-cocked his gun with two sharp clicks.

      "Well, Abel, we'll make a soldier out of you in a little while. You are the smallest; you'll be the left of the line. Go and stand there at the corner. Now, boys, all lay your bundles down. Here, you tall fellow, what's your name?"

      "Where is Marvor? The time of mating is near."

      CHAPTER II. THE DEACON ATTEMPTED RESTITUTION"Who are you, boys?" said the newcomer, after gravely returning the salute.


      "Are masters here?"


      "Here," protested Gid; "Sargint Klegg told me to stand on the right. You're smaller'n me. Git on the other side."


      "Heah, stranger, who air yo'? An' what d'yo' want?"