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      Didnt know as I was alive till I tasted it, he remarked, as coolly as his shortness of breath would permit him. Dont offer me another, or I shall take it.

      I don't know how, I don't know when--"

      "The other things!" scoffed meantime the gay Hilary, catching up Anna's word. "No! if you please, here is the only other thing!" and boyishly flaunted the license at Mandeville and all the Callenders, the throng merrily approving. His eye, falling upon the detective, kindled joyfully: "Oh, you godsend! You hunt up the lost frog-sticker, will you--while we--?" He flourished the document again and the gray man replied with a cordial nod. Kincaid waved thanks and glanced round. "Adolphe!" he called. "Steve, where in the dickens--?"From a lifted window curtain the young aide who had brought Anna to the house said, "Boat's off."

      He dropped his head in his hands, and hid his face.

      To Anna that part seemed not so killingly funny or so very interesting, but she was not one of the book's editors.

      Why dont somebody take the old man home? he said, aggrievedly. I aint said nothing agin her. Its only natural as a fine lady should forget such a crew as us and such an all-fired hole as this."'There's a bower of roses--'?"


      "You see they're under way?" asked Anna.She aint dead, said Simon, judging by the swift look of unspeakable relief upon Traffords face. I thought as how Varley Howard aimed too high to hit her mortal, like. Its lucky for you, mister, that she come a-tween you, or youd been a dead un. Shes saved your lifeif shes lost her own.


      Byssa roseher knees no longer trembled. As52 though answering the doubt in her husbands glance, she pointed to the Pelasgian stretched in the dust and said:


      In introducing the reader to so distant and alien a world, it has been a matter of great importance to me to win his confidence; with this purpose I have sought by quotations to show the authority for what I have written. Here and there, to remove any doubt of the existence of an object in ancient times, I have added the Greek names. For the rest I have everywhere striven to follow the old maxim artis est celare artem.