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      Youre a game un! he said. It pears to me that Simon has met his match at last. Then he turned to the woman: I hold you to witness that it was no fault of mine. It want my revolver she got hold of.

      Norman still looked at him steadily, and, to Varleys surprise, did not wince or flinch.Yes, said Norman, eagerly.

      And so you come to me because there is no one else? Lilias would say, with affected indignation.Didnt know as I was alive till I tasted it, he remarked, as coolly as his shortness of breath would permit him. Dont offer me another, or I shall take it.

      Of this droll impishness of the mind, even in this carriage to-day, with these animated companions, and in all this tribulation, ruin, and flight, here was a harrying instance: that every minute or two, whatever the soul's outer preoccupation or inner anguish, there would, would, would return, return and return the doggerel words and swaggering old tune of that song abhorred by the gruff General, but which had first awakened the love of so many hundreds of brave men for its brave, gay singer now counted forever lost:Be calm! he said. II have thought of that. I came to ask you to help me. We must keep the fact of her flight secretfor a time, as long as we can. I have told themLiliasthat she is with you

      "Then," said Flora, "let me speak whiles--" She dropped her face into her hands, lifted it again and stared into her listener's eyes so piteously that through Anna ran another cry--"He has not asked! No girl alive could look so if he had asked her!"


      He made this remark at several houses at which he called, and at a great reception that night, and had the satisfaction of reaping the reward of his astuteness in the shape of a paragraph in the next mornings paper to the effect that the Duke and Duchess of Belfayre had started for Australia on important business connected with the vast estates which the duchess possessed there; and the society journals, making haste to copy, inferred that nearly all Australia belonged to her grace.


      Thanks, old man, said Norman, with the brusqueness with which men hide their emotions. And look here, I found a little trifle, which I should like to give her, if shell accept it. Its not much of a thing, but He pulled out a small locket, the acquisition of which had, as he would have put it, nearly brought him to a condition of stone broke.


      Varley did not acquaint the men with her engagement to the Marquis of Trafford, but he conveyed her love to them; and, when the case arrived, there was much rejoicing in Three Star.Or you think you can. Stop; dont tell me anything. I will take you to Esmeralda. She may see you or she may not. But mind, if she should refuse to do so, youll go straight back to England, or to the devil, if you like; and if you set foot in Three Star againyou, or any of your kindIll shoot you like a dog!