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      BecausebecauseIve had an idea that youyou tried to avoid me. I thought I might have said something aboutabout yourself that made you angry. You know, people talk most awful rot when theyre off their heads, as I was.

      "You look tired.""God will not help me unless I help myself," she muttered distractedly, as she sat in her low chair by the fire, with her head flung back upon the cushions and the untouched meal at her side. Tabitha had left off providing dinner for her, at her particular request. She had neither heart to sit down alone to a formal dinner nor appetite to eat it; so Tabitha had exercised all her skill as a cook, which was great, in preparing a dainty little supper at nine o'clock; and it had irked her that her mistress did such scant justice to the tempting meal.

      "I do not intend to," replied Astra, decidedly. "But I must go in; mother will miss me."


      "What put it into your head to come to me on such an errand?" she finally asked, with a singular, half satirical emphasis.Suddenly, in the dim grey of the morning, the slumberous calm of summer changed to howling wind and tropical raintorrential rain, that filled every gutter, and splashed from every housetop, and ran in wild cascades from every alley on the steep hillsides. The Campagna was one vast lake, illumined with flashes of lightning, and the thunder pealed and reverberated along the lofty parapets of the ruined aqueducts. The tall cypresses in the Pincian Gardens bent like saplings before that mighty wind, which seemed to howl and shriek its loudest as it came tearing down from the hill to whistle and rave among the housetops in the Piazza di Spagna.



      "It seems like beginning a new life, Martin," she told her husband. "I feel ever so much better already. I'm afraid I'm an impostor, and that you are taking a great deal of unnecessary trouble on my account."