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      All right, old chap; didnt mean anything offensive; didnt know she was a friend of yours.You cant do that, Ralda, he said. Just think a moment. Suppose I did as you want me to do, what do you think your friends would say?

      When Tallien had fallen and Napoleon was supreme she ceased to go near her.

      Well, then, give us the list for you have it in your bosom! And one brutal fellow tried to tear her corsage to get it.

      Miss Howard saved my life, said Lord Norman, as she slurred over that part of the affair. Look at the bullet-hole in her hat."Yes, as I love him. He is first in the world for me. Dear as my child is, Martin must always be first."

      These sufferings bound the brother and sister very intimately together. This dear brother, Wilhelmina writes, passed all his afternoons with me. We read and wrote together, and occupied ourselves in cultivating our minds. The king now never saw my brother without threatening him with the cane. Fritz repeatedly told me that he would bear any thing from the king except blows; but that, if he ever came to such extremities with him, he would regain his freedom by flight.

      It was only half-past eight, and the world was looking its freshest. There was an opening in the shrubbery that let in a view of the river, and just in front of this opening there was a rustic bench on which Major Disney liked to smoke his after-breakfast pipe or after-dinner cigar. The garden contained very little over two acres, but it was an old garden, and there were some fine old trees, which must have shaded hoops and powder, and pig-tails and knee-breeches. Major Disney had done a great deal in the way of planting[Pg 23] wherever there was room for improvement, and he had secured to himself an elderly gardener of exceptional industry, who worked in the garden as if he loved it. Tabitha, again, was one of those wonderful women who know all about everything except books; and she, too, loved the garden, and helped at weeding and watering, in seasons of pressure. Thus it had come to pass that these two acres of velvet lawn and flower-bed, shrubbery, and trim, old-fashioned garden had acquired a reputation in Trelasco, and people frequently complimented Mrs. Disney about her garden.



      Mme. de Genlis was very happy at the Arsenal with Casimir and a little boy named Alfred, whom she had adopted.


      At five oclock in the morning the gamekeeper came back from Paris with an order of release from the municipality, and at half-past six they arrived at Belle Chasse.