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      "Bully idee," ejaculated Shorty. "I'll go you halves. Mebbe if they git their understandin' into Yankee leather it'll help git some Yankee idees into their understandin'. See?"

      "No," he said soberly. "I've changed my mind about that. Since I've been reading the papers. I'll keep them on the look until I see a chance to make a good fight."

      "'It's lucky for you that you wrote it just as I told you. I'd 'a' broke every bone in your body if you hadn't.'So the long, arduous day went. When they were not pulling, pushing, prying, and yelling, to get the wagons out of mudholes, they were rushing over the clogging, plowed fields to stand off the nagging rebel cavalry, which seemed to fill the country as full as the rain, the mud, the rocks and the sweeping cedars did. As night drew on they came up to lines of fires where the different divisions were going into line-of-battle along the banks of Stone River. The mud became deeper than ever, from the trampling of tens of thousands of men and animals, but they at least did not have the aggravating rebel cavalry to bother them. They found their division at last in an old cottonfield, and were instantly surrounded by a crowd of hungry, angry men.

      "Go on, then, and God help you," said the Lieutenant. "I'd go with you if I could do any good."

      "Don't know whether it is or not. If we are goin' to freeze to death before mornin' I'd rather've bin shot the first volley."The storm now seemed to be rolling toward them at railroad speed. Suddenly the woods became alive with men running back, some with their guns in their hands, many without. Some were white with fear, and silent; some were in a delirium of rage, and yelling curses. Officers, bareheaded, and wildly excited, were waving their swords, and calling regiments and companies by name to halt and rally.

      Riever carried her hand to his lips. "You are a woman in a thousand!" he cried. "I never heard of such pluck!"

      "Get out of the way, and let him run himself to death. That's all he's fit for.""Come, now, don't fool with me, sir, or I'll make you very sorry for it. I'm no man to be trifled with, sir. If you ain't got a nigger in the wagon, what 've you done with him."262



      "Your feet are in a very bad way, my man," he said sadly.He looked down to see if there was a cap on the gun.250


      The other man melted away into the dark.