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      Nice books, said Charles.THE WIND DRAGON. THE WIND DRAGON.

      Do you think she will allow me to see her or write to her? he asked.

      "Did you see Holgrave?" he asked, eagerly.

      "And I know a miss," said Fred, "that is better than any mile we have had to-day."



      At this instant an attendant entered, and delivered a letter to her lord, from the abbot of Winchcombe, adding that two messengers were waiting in the hall.


      "Lady," replied Margaret modestly; "I am the wife of one of my lord's vassals; and my mother, and myself, humbly beg you will accept this present.""The writ," said he, "was given to me by my lord archbishop; and how do I know that I should be right in surrendering it to a stranger? Have you any order from his grace?"


      "Yes, yes," said Holgrave, grasping his hand, "I remember all"convinced, not by the voice, for on both occasions the voice had been disguised, but by the presumptive proofs.