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      Simon had really made a very great mistake. Instead of applying to Varley Howard for ransom, he should have obtained a written promise for a sum of money from Esmeralda; but he had either not thought of this, or deemed it better to obtain cash on the nail.No. II have only left him.

      "Our nags again," said Kincaid to one of a seated group, and passed into a room beyond. Thence he re-issued with his dress modified for the saddle, and the two friends awaited their mounts under an arch. "Dost perceive, Frederic," said the facetious Hilary, "yon modestly arrayed pair of palpable gents hieing hitherward yet pretending not to descry us? They be detectives. Oh--eh--gentlemen!"

      Andand you? Whatwhat did you say? Surely you, a mancould influence her, could

      I should think she would like it, if it were warm, and she could get some tea. I think Lady Wyndover would die if she didnt get some tea in the afternoon. Ill tell her when she comes in.Me? she said. Oh! thats very kind of you. I should like it awfully. I only go for a drive in the carriage, and its hot and stuffy, and makes me feel as if I couldnt breathe.


      Norman looked round as if he did not desire to be heard.


      You are quite right to admire your guardian, my dear; he is one of the most charming men it has ever been my fortune to meet, and that Three Star, or any number of stars,[352] should have been permitted to monopolize him, is worse than wickedit is absurd.My name is HowardVarley Howard, said Varley.