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      He took a glass of whisky from MacGraths hand and raised it aloft.Oh, will you! says I to myself, and, as I didnt think their conversation elevatin, I crawls back to where the mare was tied and thinks things over a bit.

      On the evening when the camps of Johnston and Grant with burning Jackson between them put out half the stars a covered carriage, under the unsolicited escort of three or four gray-jacketed cavalrymen and driven by an infantry lad seeking his command after an illness at home, crossed Pearl River in a scow at Ratcliff's ferry just above the day's battlefield.

      Lilias, fearing that Lady Wyndover and Esmeralda would find Belfayre dull, had invited some people to dine that night, and Esmeralda made her first acquaintance with a country dinner-party."Oh, Captain Kincaid, what does it matter?"

      Mymy shameful secret! she said, dully. What is it that you mean?


      Oh, Trafford, he said, disgustedly. He seems to have dropped tennis and everything that is wholesome. He and Ada have been stalking up and down the terrace talking books or the improvement of the working classes, as if they werent bad enough already. If I went and asked Trafford or Ada to play, theyd stare and smile at me in the superior way that makes a man want to go and shy stones at his grandfather. And as for Liliaswell, Id better not express my sentiments about that young lady.


      The sound came nearer, and it was evident that Esmeralda, if indeed it was she, heard it also, for she pulled up her horse and raised her head in a listening and expectant attitude.


      The Gascon stayed with a lively purpose which the enfeebled Gibbs was the first to see. "Stand back, you hell-hound!" cried the latter, and with fresh oaths bade Greenleaf "keep him off!"