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      Yes, sir, I am very fond of them, she said, finishing an entry.His rapture and excitement alarmed her. His eyes blazedhe threw back his head and laughed in ecstasy. Then he seized her, and crumpled her to him, covering her face, her neck, her hair, her ears, with kisses, murmuring broken phrases of adoration and gratitude.

      "My lord, I have more to shew you," resumed Holgrave.

      To-day the work was not heavy, and nearly an hour before the interval for lunch he had finished the dictation of his answers. She knew his business engagements as well as himself, and reminding him that a land-agent was coming to see him at twelve on some private matter, took her papers into the little inner room. Then she came back for her typewriter, which stood on the table in the window where she usually worked, paused and came over to his table.

      Come, Miss Propert, he said. Lets have an end of this. I should have asked the price before I commissioned you to do the work. Let me give you a cheque for ten pounds."I love her," faltered Robert.

      "It is false!" he replied, "no human law have I violated, and to no man's capricious tyranny will I submit."



      "Some can. I was educated with my brother, you know, and when we construed Horace I was always five or six pages ahead. What made you want to learn Latin?"You know I did not. But I am quite certain that Miss Propert was not rude. And now about Alices being here, when I brought her in. What of that? I wish you to tell me if you meant anything. If you did not, I wish you to say so.


      "Six boys, have you? Are they grown up?"