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      Why not for ever? he asked.

      When Holgrave's strength was re-established, he waged battle with Byles to prove the yeoman's guilt and his mother's innocence. Byles was no craven, but he was vanquished and mortally wounded, and, when death was upon him, confessed the whole transaction. Mary, with her children, fled on the instant; and, some few years after, was seen by Merritt, who had again become a peaceful artizan, begging alms in London.

      He could not help drawing a long breath of cigarette smoke mixed with relief. He thought that the corner had been quite safely steered round. There they were back again in parish work, and what could be nicer? He disregarded Alices gasp of appreciation at his modesty, and proceeded with an increased sense of comfort.

      "Let me goI can't."

      Its no use, she said. You can have incense or Mr Keeling, but not both. And such a draughty pew as hes got in the Cathedral!


      "My Lord de Boteler, and you noble sir, and fair damesit may seem strange that an old woman like me should speak for a man of my son's years; but, in truth, he is better able to defend himself with his arm than his tongue."


      "It's nigh fifteen year since he went away. Wot did he want to come back fur?"


      "He's down enough now, surelye! I saw him only yesterday by the Glotten meadows, and there was a look in his eye as I'll never forget."