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      You mind your own business, said Esmeralda; and she got up and walked toward her own hut with her nose in the air.

      She is conscious, and the crisis is past. Its been a terrible struggle, and if she hadnt had her youth and a devil of a strong constitution, I should have lost this game.


      But I say you must, said the doctor, with quiet determination. Youre looking almost as bad as she is; worse, in some ways. Let me look at that arm of yours. Hm! Varleys almost as good a surgeon as he is a shot.

      Will you introduce me to Miss Chetwynde, Lord Trafford?


      I should have liked to have met him, he said, dryly. He added, mentally: And to have played cards with him.Her colloquy with the woman had taken but a second, and she followed close upon the mans heels. The horse was tethered close beside the hut; the man put the saddle on without a word, and Esmeralda sprung into it, the revolver still in her hand. The horse was a young one, full of spirit and eager to be off, but she reined him in for a moment.


      Lady Wyndover stared at her.Trafford asked no more questions. Why should he? He felt certain that he should find Esmeralda and Norman together.


      They paused for a moment in the opening to a conservatory, and Esmeralda seated herself on a lounge within view of the entrance to the ball-room, and watched the late arrivals with undiminished interest. She was beating time to the music with the tip of her white satin shoe, and Lord Selvaine was leaning against the door-way, and looking down at her with a curious smile, when suddenly he saw her start slightly and her foot stop its rhythmical motion. He looked in the direction of the entrance, and then at her, and waited.