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      "I hope you haven't taken cold, Mrs. Thomas," said the polite Tinkerly. "Perhaps we ought to have brought another rug?"There was really a lovely row on at Dan MacGraths Eldorado Saloon in Three Star Camp.

      Bergan laid his hand impressively on the old negro's shoulder. "Bruno, I must see her at once. Her happinessmore than her happiness, the honor and peace of the whole familyis at stake. Find some way to let her know, quietly, that I am here, and that I must see her for one moment. Hurry! there's no time to waste.""Perhaps not," replied Dr. Remy, indifferently. And, glancing out of the open window, he added, "A fine place you have here."

      It seemed earlier than it really was, for the dinner had been late. Disney's quick ear had heard the step of his favourite horse, punctual as the church clock. He had ordered his carriage at half-past ten, and at half-past ten he and his party left the drawing-room, the doctor following to hand the ladies to their carriage, while the colonel lighted a cigar on the door-step, preparatory to walking home.Bergan looked as if he scarcely understood.


      Doctor Remy did not answer immediately. He was regarding the portrait with a gravity that Astra could not understand,unless, indeed, his thoughts were elsewhere. Nevertheless, when he spoke, it was sufficiently to the point."Not at all. It gave too much scope, or too little, to my natural antagonism of mind;too little for mental satisfaction, too much for material advantage. For instance, I was always possessed with an insane desire to clear the guilty man, whether he were my client, or no."


      The priest was interested in watching Isola this evening. He saw a marked change in the expression of her countenance, a change which was perceptible to him even in her voice and mannera brightness which might mean a lightened heart, or which might mean religious exaltation.